Canon Printers are quite popular among worldwide users because of its easy process of troubleshooting. The support code Error B200 is one of the commonly faced errors encountered in the Canon Printers.
However, you can easily fix this issue by troubleshooting this error. As this Canon printer error occurs with either 2 or 4+ cartridges, therefore troubleshooting the Error B200 is different for both the printers.

Troubleshooting 4+ Cartridge Canon Printers

1. You need to remove the top of your printer. The cradle of the cartridge will automatically move up. Then move all the cartridges from the cradle.
2. Remove the printhead easily by holding up the lever which is situated just beside the cartridge cradle. After you have lifted up the lever, then slowly move the printhead away from the printer.
3. Next, you should place the printhead back in the printer where it was and then lock the lever forever.
4. Then put all the cartridges back into their original positions in the printer and leave no doors open. After checking that all the doors have been shut make sure that the printer is ready with the access to the cartridges and printhead.
5. Then physically remove the printer cord from the electricity board and unplug it for 5 or more minutes. It will help to cool down the printer and will also eliminate the lingering electrical energy.
6. Re-plug the printer.
7. The last step is to cleanse the printer and check the nozzle extensively. This Error B200 doesn’t usually occur when the printer has regular access to the printhead.

Troubleshooting 2 Cartridge Canon Printers
1. Switch off the printer. The cartridge cradle usually gets stuck in the Error B200 state. However, switching it off temporarily will solve the issue.
2. Turn the printer ON again.
3. You should have a rough idea about the cartridge that was replaced at last. Remove that cartridge gently from the slot.
4. This printer has certain limitations and the Error B200 cannot be solved without replacing the problematic cartridge. Thus, you need to replace the cartridge with an old functioning cartridge or with a new one.
5. Then you need to perform a nozzle check or a cleaning cycle as it is a crucial step to determine whether the right cartridge is replaced from the printer.
6. If the problem still exists, then replace the other cartridge with a new one or an old functioning cartridge. Since the Canon printer works with 2 cartridges, the problem should be with either of the cartridges and replacing either of them can solve the issue.

If the problem still exists after troubleshooting all the issues, you need to immediately call on Canon printer customer service number +1-844-416-7054 and resolve your issue.